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Drink Lots of Water.
As dehydration increases in our bodies, creatinine levels begin to increase.

Limit Sodium Intake.
Avoid Fatty foods, Fast foods and heavily processed items.

Maintain a Healthy Diet.
Add lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet, replace white grains with whole wheat, and include barley and oats in your daily diet.

  • Foods with Hig Protein
  • Meat Intake
  • Foods with High Potassium and Phosphorus

Avoid Vandium and Creati Supplements.
Supplying extra creatine to the body is potentially dangerous, as it increases the pressure on our kidneys and may cause heart problems or muscle cramps

Limit Strenuous Activities.
When you exercise excessively, the body converts creatine into creatinine at higher levels.

Try Home Remedies.
Home remedies that help lower the levels of creatinine in our bodies include chamomile tea, stinging nettle, dandelion root tea, cinnamon, astralagus and ginseng.

Use Medications
Medications such as diuretics, Ketosteril and calcium channel blockers also help with creatinine levels.