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As the temperatures begin to rise in accordance with the summer season, warm days can be a challenge particularly if you are a Chronic Kidney Disease patient who under go Dialysis has common fluid restrictions, which can cause to feel extra thirsty and dehydrated. Hence, Chronic Kidney Disease patients who must undergo Dialysis to maintain their lives should be very selective about the types and amounts of fluid they consume especially during these warm months of summer.

  • As most know, each Dialysis patient has a different allowance for daily fluid depending on physical activity level, body size and urine output. However, as a rule of thumb, the average Chronic Kidney Disease patient who conducts Dialysis is limited to approximately 32 to 50 fluid ounces per day.
  • Going over the recommended fluid allowance may lead to weight gain, increase in Blood Pressure, Edema (swelling) in the feet, ankles, wrists, face and around the eyes, abdominal bloating, shortness of breath due to fluid in the lungs, and heart problems – which can include a fast pulse, weakened heart muscles and an enlarged heart.
  • When it comes to hydrating, all beverages are not equal. For Chronic Kidney Disease patients who conduct Dialysis, water is probably the best bet to stay hydrated. It is suggested that drinks such as coffee, black tea and cocoa are very high in Purines which are toxins that must be diluted in large quantities of water to be flushed from the body. Hence, caffeinated, sweetened and alcoholic drinks carry chemicals or trigger chemical reactions that demand significant amounts of fluid to properly process and filter out of the body.
  • Therefore, while consumption of beverages such as coffee and tea is fine for most Dialysis patients, they should be extremely careful to limit the intake of such fluids since certain options may not appropriately hydrate them. When a Chronic Kidney Disease patient is thirsty and needs hydration relief they should stick primarily with water. Pick up the fruits like raspberries or vegetables like cucumbers to your water.
  • Of course Dialysis patients can improve hydration while limiting fluid intake by chewing ice or enjoying frozen fruits such as grapes. Still, patients should try to limit salt and if a Dialysis patient does exceed his or her fluid allowance, he or she may require an extra Dialysis Treatment Session to remove fluid buildup.