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Dr. Mathisekaran Thangarasu

Consultant Urologist


Dr. Mathisekaran Thangarasu

MBBS, M.S, DrNB(Urology)

Consultant Urologist



Education Qualifications

  • MBBS - Tribhuvan University.
  • M.S - Govt Thanjavur Medical College, Tamilnadu.
  • DrNB - Urology - Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.


  • 6 months : Senior Registrar in Apollo Main Hospital, Chennai.
  • 1 year : Associate consultant, Department of Urology, R.G Stone Laparoscopy and Urology Hospital, Chennai.
  • 1.5 years : Consultant Urologist, Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology, Chennai.

Current Position

  • Consultant Urologist - AINU, Chennai.


  • Endourology and Laser stone surgery.
  • Renal Transplantation and Dialysis access surgery.
  • Laparoscopic and minimally invasive Urology.
  • Intuitive Certified Da Vinci Robotic Console surgeon.

Publications & Papers Presented

  • Jayaprakash, S. P., et al. "A rare case of extra-gonadal mixed germ cell tumour of seminal vesicle." European Urology Open Science 33 (2021): S5.
  • Thangarasu M, Jayaprakash SP, Selvaraj N, Bafna S, Paul R, Mahesh C, Jain N, Balakrishnan A, Sivaraman A. A Prospective Study on the Efficacy of Cognitive Targeted Transrectal Ultrasound Prostate Biopsy in Diagnosing Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer. Res Rep Urol. 2021;13:207-213
  • Thangarasu, Mathisekaran, et al. "Influence of tumor size in the progression of venous tumor thrombus in renal cell carcinoma: A 7-year single-center experience." Urology Annals 14.3 (2022): 273-278.
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  • Thangarasu M, Prakash SJ, Jain N. A curious case of electric wire in urethra. International Surgery Journal. 2020 Aug 27;7(9):3163-5. Magesh C, Thangarasu M*, JayaPrakash S, Jain N. A case of adrenal cortical carcinoma with inferior vena cava thrombus extending.
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  • Raghavan D, Thangarasu M, J S, et al. (May 19, 2021) A Hemostatic Technique in Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy and Its Impact on Renal Function. Cureus 13(5): e15122. doi:10.7759/cureus.15122


European Association of Urology - 2023, Milan, Italy: A novel single surgeon approach to enhance stone clearance in Endoscopic Combined Intra Renal Surgery (ECIRS)

Société Internationale d’Urologie - 2021

  • Predicting Obstructive Azoospermia with Usage of Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse of Testis : Poster
  • Hybrid Perfusion in Renal Transplantation with Complex Vascular Anatomy – A Three Year Analysis : Poster

World Congress of Endourology and Uro- Technology - 2021

  • Predicting Obstructive Azoospermia with Usage of Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse of Testis : Poster
  • Comprehensive analysis of early outcomes in radical nephrectomy with Inferior Venacava thrombectomy - a seven year single center experience : Poster

Urological Society of India Conference - 2021

  • Safety and feasibility of hybrid perfusion in live related renal transplantation :Poster
  • Chennai Port closure Technique following minimally invasive surgeries :Poster

Urological Society of India Conference - 2020

  • Laparoscopic Management of Right and Left RCC With Renal Vein Thrombus: Video - Co Author
  • Mini PCNL Challenging the Feasibility of Pushback PCNL In Large Proximal Ureteric Stones!: Paper- Co Author

South Zone Urological Society of India Conference - 2019

  • Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy for a Complex Right Renal Tumor : Video - Co Author
  • Laparoscopic Right Radical Nephrectomy for a Right Renal Tumor With Renal Vein Thrombus Extending Up to IVC (Level II): Video - Co Author


  • Life Member - Association of Surgeons of India
  • Urology Society of India
  • Société Internationale d'Urologie
  • Madras Urological Society