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AINU Celebrates Landmark Achievement: 1000 Robotic Surgeries Transforming Urology and Nephrology Care

Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology | January 1, 2024

1000 Robotic Surgeries

AINU Celebrates Landmark Achievement: 1000 Robotic Surgeries Transforming Urology and Nephrology Care

In a groundbreaking announcement, the Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology (AINU), a proud member of the AHH healthcare network, has reached a monumental milestone by completing 1000 robotic surgeries in the fields of Urology, Uro-Oncology, and Nephrology. This remarkable achievement solidifies AINU's position as a leader in advanced Uro-Nephro care, employing cutting-edge technology to enhance patient outcomes.

Robotic Surgeries for Enhanced Patient Care

The 1000 robotic surgeries encompassed a spectrum of procedures, including the treatment of Kidney Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Bladder Cancer, and reconstructive urology. Dr. C. Mallikarjuna, Chief Consultant Urologist & Managing Director at AINU, highlighted the benefits of robotic surgery for patients. The precision and dexterity offered by robotic-assisted surgical systems result in improved clinical outcomes, reduced postoperative discomfort, lesser blood loss, and faster recovery times.

Advantages Over Traditional Methods

Dr. Mallikarjuna emphasized how patients undergoing robotic surgery experience consistent urination patterns post-prostatectomy, eliminating the discomfort of bladder control. Additionally, in kidney cancer cases, robotic surgery allows for targeted tumor removal while preserving the majority of the kidney, contrasting traditional methods that might require complete kidney removal.

Accelerated Recovery and Increased Productivity

The accelerated recovery times associated with robotic surgery not only contribute to improved patient well-being but also result in higher productivity. Patients undergoing general surgery often face more extended periods of rest before returning to work, whereas those undergoing robotic surgery can resume their work activities sooner.

Addressing the Rising Challenges

With urological cancers on the rise, especially prostate cancer, AINU's milestone achievement is particularly significant in the Indian healthcare context. The hospital's commitment to staying at the forefront of robotic surgery advancements aligns with the increased detection of genitourinary system cancers at early stages due to enhanced screening programs and improved cancer awareness.

Future Prospects and Integration of Artificial Intelligence

Dr. P.C. Reddy, Senior Urologist & Executive Director at AINU, shed light on the future of robotic surgeries, emphasizing their crucial role in complicated surgical cases. He anticipates that artificial intelligence will further enhance the capabilities of surgical robots, allowing for more precise analysis of surgical procedures globally. This collaboration between human surgeons and robots is poised to bring about cost benefits for patients in the future.

AINU's Dedication to Excellence

As AINU continues to lead in robotic surgery advancements, the hospital remains dedicated to ongoing research, training, and collaboration. The aim is to ensure that patients receive the most advanced and compassionate care, solidifying AINU's position as India's largest single specialty hospital network in Urology & Nephrology.


AINU's celebration of 1000 robotic surgeries marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Uro-Nephro care in India. The hospital's commitment to excellence, coupled with the integration of cutting-edge technology, highlights a future where robotic surgeries and artificial intelligence collaboratively contribute to improved patient outcomes and cost-effective healthcare solutions.