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Dr. Colin Teo
My visit to my friends in AINU felt like the discovery of a precious gem among the stones in Hyderabad. Truly a world class specialist hospital in incredible India. Keep the values & culture palpable in the team, something you guys are so proud of. Cheers!.
October 2018
Professor Peter L.W.Ndaguatha
Consultant Urologist, Chair, Department of Surgery, School of Medicine, College of Health Sciences, University of Nairobi, Kenya, Africa
“It has been a wonderful and pleasant encounter with AINU. It has what it takes for patient care and training for PGs in Urology. Looking forward to future collaboration.”.
February 2016
Dr. Janak D. Desai
Samved Hospital, Ahmedabad
“AINU can be the leading teaching center of our country. Today was a master class better than most that I participated abroad.”
February 2016
Dr. B. Arun Kumar
Consultant urologist, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai
"It is an absolute honour to be a part of the faculty in this great institution which amazes me each time I visit.”
5th September, 2015
Dr. T B Yuvaraja
KDAH, Mumbai
“ Excellent hospital, informative CME. I enjoyed every bit of it. Keep it up!“
5th September, 2015
Dr. T. Subramanyeshwar Rao
Indo-American Cancer Hospital, Hyderabad
Wonderful to be a part of a very intense session. Wish Mallik & Purna. Keep all this forever
14th June, 2015
Dr. Rakesh Khera
Medanta, Gurgaon
“ I am honoured to be here with you all. Please call me again!“
13th April, 2015
Dr. Rakesh Khera
Medanta, Gurgaon
“ I am honoured to be here with you all. Please call me again!“
13th April, 2015
Dr. Jamal Rizvi
IKDRC, ITS, Ahmedabad
“ Wonderful vision & commitment! AINU is a concept that deserves to succeed and I am sure it will. Thank you for the excellent hospitality. Best wishes to team AINU!“
13th April, 2015
Dr. Willy Otele
Urologist, Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya
“Proud to be associated with an organized centre of excellent urological teaching and world class patient care“
22nd February, 2015
Dr. K L N Rao
PGI, Chandigarh
“ Well organized CME program, live transmission of surgery is good and logistical arrangements are optimal“
29th November, 2014
Dr. Manisha Sahay
Nephrologist, Osmania General Hospital
“Excellent ambience, kudos for promoting education programmes also“
29th November, 2014
Dr. K C Prakash
Nephrologist, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai
Seem to be an unique hospital. Keep it up!
22nd November, 2014
Dr. S. Sahariah
Visited AINU for the first time. Excellent infrastructure and ambience. No doubt in my mind that the institute would be one of the leading institute for the management of renal disease in the country in the near future. My best wishes to Dr. Mallik and his team.
16th August, 2014
Robert J. Evans
Associate prof. of urology , Wake Forest University School of Medicine
What a fantastic facility. This is without a doubt a state of the art hospital. Thank you for your generous hospitality.
16th August, 2014
Sanjay Kulkarni
Congrualtions to Dr. Mallikarjun and AINU team for fantastic set up and great workshop on RIRS by Oliver Traxer, enjoyed, learned a lot
15th June , 2014
Dr. Deepak Kirperker
Viswa 10118, Bharat Kunj, Pune 411135
Institute is very good, well thought of from planning to final outcome. Congratulations for Mallikarjuna and his team. All the best.
1st August, 2014
Dr. Gerorge P. Abraham
HOD, Urology
It is an excellent venture and institution so beautifully crafted up to minutest detail. Congratulations to Dr. Mallikarjuna and team, EXCELLENT!!! Great hospitality
1st August, 2014
Dr. Ramesh
Prof and head Dept of urology
Very impressive and meticulously planned hospital with state of art equipment. The OT is very impressive. Wishing the team all the best
16th August, 2014
Dr. Keshava Murthy
Prof. of urology, Institute of Nephro urology Bangalore
It is a fantastic set up, great to see everything in place. Would be ideal place to treat and practice urology. Congrats and all the best to the team.
15th August, 2014
Bruce Kava
Associate prof. of Urology, University of Miami, Florida
Congratulation on building a center that is truly a landmark you name set a new patient care. I thank you so much for you wonderful hospitality with all of my best.
16th August, 2014
Dr. G. Rama Krishna Reddy
Sr. Physician/cardiologist as executive council member NTR University
One should have a dream, zeal, dedication, sustained effort to establish an institution of this type of excellency. Unique place in Hyderabad. This would be a focus to awaken the sleeping professionals in the field.
23rd November , 2013
Dr. M. Ramalingam, Dr. Senthil, Dr. Kannan, Dr. Rajeshwaram
Urology clinic Coimbatore
Excellent layout of OP services, lab setup, OT complex, auditorium. Deep thought has gone in to planning and execution, its futuristic. All the best to come in for Dr. Mallik and team.
22nd February , 2014
D. B. Patil
Ex (MP)
The excellent services provided by AINU, especially Ramesh and Ashwin provided very good attention.
23rd March , 2014
Vivekanand Jha
PGIMER, Chandigarh, (Professor of nephrology)
Great feeling to be here and meet old friends Dr. Mallikarjuna and Dr. Srikanth. This is a fantastic place, very futuristic. The stress on academics is laudable. Greatly enjoyed my visit. Wishing AINU a great future and hope to be back many times.
6th May , 2014
Dr. V. Siva Kumar
Prof. Nephrology SVIMS , Tirupathi
Academic progaramme was well conducted, informative, I not only enjoyed, learnt a lot.
21st December , 2013
Dr. P. Girija
Sanjana Speciality Hospital
“Academically very informative, well organized, congratulations."
22nd February , 2014
Dr. R. B. Sabnis
MPUH, Nadiad Gujarat
Attended CME on Paediatric Urology. Excellent program, well thought off, full auditorium. Level of discussion very high. I feel these CMEs are opportunities for not only pg students, but even for the practitioners/consultants to remain updated in the speciality.
21st December , 2013
Prof. V. Sakhuja
Dept. of Nephrology, PGI, Chandigarh
Great Place
23rd November , 2013
Nadendla manohar
Ex-Speaker Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly
Extremely Proud! Your commitment to excellence & Learning should always keep us going, Thank You..
23rd November , 2013
Dr. P. Sudarshan Reddy
Krishna Children Hospital, Hyderabad
Congrats for practical CME. Venue is compact & homely, subject is interesting, interaction was participatory. Learning opportunity for practice. Very relevant and apt topics, good interactive sessions, thought provoking
21st December , 2013
Dr. Mehul A. Shah
Paediatric Nephrologist, Hyderabad
Well planned and focused CME, good attendance, simply different due to interactive sessions..
21st December , 2013
Dr. K. S. N Chary
Very well organized good attendance. Quality of presentation and discussions fully scientific. Great opportunity for PGs. I have learnt in participation and discussion and more by preparing slides on the topic given. Great, Thank you
21st December , 2013
Dr. R. Chakravarthi
Care Hospitals
21st December , 2013
Dr. Girish Narayan
Nephrologist, Medwin Hospital
Well organized and a wonderful CME. Thanks..
23rd November , 2013
Dr. Santhosh
Care Hospitals
Expect more CME’s in future for PGs
23rd November , 2013
Dr. Arun Pherwani
Consultant Vascular Surgeon, United Kingdom
Magnificent center of excellence. World class standards. Your staff is your strength and a credit to your institution. Many thanks for your grace and hospitality.
Dr. Rajesh Ahlawat
Senior Urologist and Transplant Surgeon, New Delhi
Wonderful. Excellent setup. So much to learn and emulate. It was wonderful to visit AINU.
Dr. Thomas J. Guzzo
MD, MPH Philadelphia, USA
It was an honor to visit. Thank you for your hospitality. I look forward to visit in the future.
August 2017
Dr. John M. Barry
MD Portland, USA
Thank you for a perfect evening in the institute
Colonel JS Sandhu
Urologist, Command Hospital Lucknow
Excellent teaching level subspecialty setup with well organized systems in place. The enthusiastic and wonderful nature of Dr. Mallik makes this place all the more wonderful. My learning of flexible URS was a great opportunity for me. Kudos. All the best for future endeavors
Dr. M. Prabhakar
Kalyan Kidney Care Center, Erode
Very well organized program. Thanks for hospitality
Dr Anup Patel
Urologist, London
Dr. Ajay Bhandarkar
Urologist, Vadodara, Gujarat
Really a dream setup for any enthusiastic urologist!! I am honored to get a chance to visit this place quite regularly . May such centers be there at many places doing excellent jobs.
Prof (Dr) Rajeev Sood
Senior Urologist, Delhi - President USI (Urological Society of India)
Fantabulous effort and setup for urological practice and training. This is my second visit in four years and dedication and hard work is expected in the grand celebration and tremendous progress. Well conceptualized from day one. USI is proud to have members as dedicated as Dr. Mallikarjun and team of AINU. Ideal site for concept of Uromet-UC from south for USI. Great going today in the webcast for BOE of USI today. All the best for future and set goals. Again a big thank you for invite to be part of this program and on behalf of USI.
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